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Nikita @nicky_09

Do you know how it feels when your partner thinks that you don’t trust him/her but eventually you do . You cry for them because you love them and not to gain any sympathy ! I don’t know how is he keeping fine and I’m not ! I feel soo broken ! 💔

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Dami @samlikealways

Does he know what condition are you in?

Nikita @nicky_09

I have no idea about it … maybe or maybe not …. I’m just acting as a cold mother fucker !

Dami @samlikealways

See, tell him that you care. That you are not fine with him being away. Doesnt matter if he knows or not, just tell him if he really matters. See how he reacts, does he care. If he is really meant for you he will be there for you. Otherwise you know what needs to be done. If it doesn’t work out there is a better person who will care for you and your care will matter to him.
But i hope things with him work out for you. Tell him your heart out, will wish for your love to flourish❤️
A warm hug to you :).


But what if you already know that person doesn’t care? What if you’re unable to get away from that person?


Still goin on. Been almost a year.

I don’t know why I care, I just do

Dami @samlikealways

See you’ll have to think and take a decesion for yourself if you are aware that he knows and stoll dont care. You’ll have to move on my friend. And i know thats gonna be hard but so it is right now for you. Moving on will bring the light thats not there right now. I know its gonna be hard for a while, heartbreaking tbh. But believe me if you dont right now it will hurt more after some time and will become even harder to leave.
Think of the long run, do yoy think you can spend life with this person?
If you dont leave today with good memories of him, you’ll hate yourself after some years. Maybe fall out of love eventually but then would have also lost this precious time to work on yourself or even finding the right person for yourself.
I know truth is bitter, i myself was in a similar situation somedays back and as i left i started writing poems. I get a smile when i see what i wrote. This smile definitely would have not been here if i mourned today in her wait. And i am sure i will find the right person for myself.
Much love and strength to you :).


Oh my thank you so much for writing all this. You’re the first who has written this much for me on this platform.

I think I’m already at the phase where I’ve fallen out of love with him.
I’m still in the relationship cause I promised him I’ll stay. Now I’m staying and I’m the one who’s suffering and I don’t know how to get out of it wisely. I don’t know how to confront him cause we never had that kinda connection and just leaving like that is not an option cause I’ve done it before and I promised I wouldn’t do it again.

I won’t mind leaving this relationship now. I’m over the phase of heartbreak and everything. I’m actually ready to go through few days of pain of breakup. I just can’t find the right way to do it.

Nikita @nicky_09

Thank you soo much whoever has written this for me …… n yeaa I think I should go talk to him someday… I need to gather myself… bt the thing is I end up crying every time which I don’t want to bt it jst naturally comes out …. N since he act as he’s fine I wanna act like tht too … Eeeeerrrrr I don’t know myself anymore… !

Dami @samlikealways

I get what you feel. And its gonna be a little pain for some time but believe me its gonna be worth it if he doesn’t care. Its gonna hurt maybe for some time but its gonna be worth it to leave and work on yourself and wait. The journey will make you meet the right person for sure.
And its fine, you dont need to thank me. I was in a phase sometime back and writing poems or even talking to people helps me so i am here
I am glad that i could help. Maybe find something for yourself which helps you.
I will wish it works out for you, whether you want to stay or leave. And if you still need somebody to talk to, i have the same username (anonymous account) on instagram.
A warm hug to you :)


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