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Do you freakout too when your depression symptoms start to come up on the layers?
A hurting head
Grumpy mood
Want to talk but don’t want to talk
Want to do something but also don’t want to
Sleep cycle getting disturbed
Waking up early (although it’ll make your mom happy, but only you know that its fucked up)
Self harming starts to develop
Yea and stuffs like that

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I do not really freak out…I just try to understand that it is a part of me…I am the one that is messed up,i gotta get my things together…it can take a few days,or a few years…The point is, i also am very anxious and very messed up.It’s good that i can talk to people here.I realised that talking to strangers even if u do it anonymously or not.It can help you more than talking to the people that you use to hang with.Close people use to judge more than strangers.The people you do not know do not know anything that can harm you,they only know that you have a problem and that you want to solve it,so they try to help you.I want you to understand that,even if we are not nearby,we do care.Try and live your life,even if it has better or worse days.People care about you.You are loved and you are unique just the way you are.

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i don’t know if what’s been happening with me is depression necessarily, but from what i’ve been feeling, i understand and relate to you completely on the freaking out part. each time i’ve gone into a bit of a dark place, something has been different and more intense and difficult than before, which made me nervous and uncertain, and fearful of what i couldn’t control. one thing i know a lot of people say is about opening up and talking about it, and i know it’s scary but it really really does take a bit of the weight off (or at least it did in my case). it’s hard, but it is so important. i think, (easier said than done i know) try to calm yourself down about it and instead, try and understand and acknowledge what you feel and what could possibly change those feelings (if you can) and also remember that ppl in your life, people on here (me included) care a lot about you and want the best for you and for you to live a content life. i hope what i’ve said is helpful and i’m so sorry if it isn’t, just know that you are truly not alone, i felt very similar to how you described here and i understand you.


Hi thanks for showing support. Things are better with me now but I’ll surely do that if required :)


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