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Do you ever have that feeling where you’re surrounded by people but you still feel alone? Yeah, that’s basically how I feel. There’s technically nothing wrong in my life, I’m the problem. I have a caring family and great friends but I just can’t help but feel so lonely. It’s not always every second of the day that I feel lonely of course but, it’s just this feeling deep in my mind that just says that I’m not happy. I have 5 close friends who I always talk to but I just feel like I don’t fit in. One of them is my best friend whom I’ve had for almost 4 years, he’s a kind person but I don’t want to burden him with my emotions since he already has his hands full with his problems.
Then there’s this friend that I’ve known for almost a year, she’s a really good friend and I sometimes tell her what I feel but, I don’t know if she’d rather be talking to me or her other friend. She sometimes tells me that I make her friend happy and she feels like she doesn’t make them happy. I kinda feel like I’m intruding on their friendship, like I’m not supposed to be there.
My 3rd close friend is the best friend of the 2nd person I mentioned. I talk to her practically every day but as I said, I don’t know if she’d rather be talking to someone else.
I don’t know a lot about the other 2 people but I still consider them close friends.

So to sum it up, I just don’t know who to tell my feelings to. I don’t want to tell my parents since it’ll worry them and the first time I told them, they didn’t understand and just kept talking about school and grades. I don’t have any other close family members except my cousin but we don’t talk about our emotions.
It’s just really hard since I feel like I need to make my friends happy, I want to make them happy yet I don’t know how. I just don’t want my friends to feel what I’m feeling.
For anyone who read this, thank you for listening I guess.

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Bro get a dog (small one). Roadside dog is also ok. Take care of him. Soon you will realise that you are not alone. The best thing about pet is that they never judge whether you are a loser or achiever. They are only hunger for your love and affection. The moment you will enter your house …you have someone to cheer you up…and one more thing… Start doing meditation atlest for 15-20 min daily


Yeah, I have a fluffy white dog, he likes pets and is very playful :D
He’s also the best guard dog since he always barks whenever someone’s near, though he’s really loud at night but I don’t mind.
I considered meditation but I forgot, maybe I’ll try it out later.
Also, thanks for the reply