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J @wilbs_02

Do you ever feel so drained about a situation that you don’t know how you’re supposed to act or what you are supposed to say to/about it anymore? Because that is where I am at with this dude. I am super close with his best friends, I met them through him. They all live together right now. His friends want me to hang out with them when I come home for spring break next week. Before this past week this dude (we will call him Sam), Sam kinda stopped talking to me because I went off on him after he told me he didn’t want a relationship after sending me very mixed messages and stringing me along. He still hasn’t responded to me going off on him but just keeps telling me he wants to figure out the right way to respond. All of a sudden Sam is snap chatting me again and just talking to me like normal, friendly. His friends tell me that Sam told them he wants to be friends with me and makes jokes with them about how I could probably “pull them” and how I’d probably make them want to date me because of how nice and pretty I am. The moral of the story Sam is acting like a jealous boyfriend even though he and I never had the boyfriend/girlfriend title. I don’t hate him, I liked him a lot. He was the first guy that I’ve ever liked more than a friend. And he is confusing me and still sending me mixed messages. I am more than okay with being friends with him but I need boundaries and this said friendship that he wants needs to be established. But here I am waiting for him to grow a pair and respond to my last message about what happened. I am just so frustrated and don’t know how I should be feeling or responding anymore.

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