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Do you ever feel like you are exhausted, physically, mentally, emotionally exhausted? You don’t feel like doing anything anymore. You start taking your dreams, your goals for granted. You just sit and wonder what has really happened that made you so lethargic, so frustrated.

I don’t feel like doing anything productive. I have wasted an entire month not doing anything when I was supposed to work on my goals. I’m exhausted! Nothing excites me anymore and the worst part is I don’t even know why. I’m not recovering from any breakup, nor am I lonely, nor do I have any sufferings but still I’m frustrated. I think one of the main reasons for my exhaustion is the continuous pressure of exams and projects and vivas. All this shit has been going on for the past 5 months and it will go on further.

I just feel like going on a break, going to an isolated place where I can be away from all this pressure but the sad reality is that I cannot because again work pressure. I was never like this, I have never been this exhausted and frustrated.

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Have the same thoughts often but then I manage to somehow get some energy within me and start something up and that’s it all the thoughts are gone!!

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Never allow these negative thoughts your happiness away…be in love with nature it always heals …


Samee brooo…

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apb target 100 @loved_oyst...

I feel this intense emotions when i am about to study. I just can’t cope with them. I just can’t bring myself to calm down. I just can’t. I am soo helpless. How do i cope ?


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