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Do guys tell every girl that she is pretty or they say it to the girl they actually find pretty? Alot of guys have told me that I’m pretty but I have never believed any of them thinking they say it to every girl to trap them. I need an honest answer pls

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I can’t speak for everyone but there are people who do say to anyone, there are categories like players and casanova kinds. Some friend of yours might also comment with good intention. I generally don’t complement everyone…in fact the only people I’ve found pretty were the ones I actually liked and been with plus few friends(without any hidden agenda).

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My partner genuinely thinks I’m pretty even when I’m at my shabbiest. I think a good litmus test is always being authentic and seeing if their judgement stands the ugliness of life.
Also, you’re always pretty- some people recognise that, others don’t. Doesn’t matter, you’re always beautiful (sorry for cheesy lol)


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