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Do guys miss their ex girlfriend after break up? I really don’t understand why my boyfriend never tried to contact me after the breakup. I didn’t want to leave him, but It’s okay… I don’t wanna force him into a relationship as well… All I wish is that if I could ever know how he feels, does he miss me?
Does he remember all the moments that we spent together during our college days, those bunk days, those canteen moments, everything… Does he think of me? Was I a burden to him?
I never knew it’s so easy to forget a person like this… We broke up for almost a month now… in lockdown… but everytime I see the pictures… I cry… I wish I could read his heart and his feelings for me.

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They do…5 months and still going!


Yes we do, in fact compared to females we get more hurt

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Tannu @threyedraven

Oh they doo… Trust me. Some just act on it some dont.


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