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Do guys care about scars?
I have a scar on my forehead that’s not really visible but if you come really close to my face you’ll see it. And every guy I’ve come close to notices it (they don’t say anything rude and they don’t act like they care about the scar) But I’m an overthinker and I feel completely insecure about it.

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Scars are normal and you shouldn’t be worried what others think of them.
They are a part of you. Be comfortable.
You’re amazing ✨

Stay strong and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Love and hugs ❤️


hey… Scars are normal, n everyone got them. 🤫n they r great icebreakers too, if someone enquires about scars that means they really wanna know you. Its all cool🤗


It’s okay. Everybody has scars. If the guy loves u he will love ur scars and flaws as well.


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