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Do burning gifts and the memories attached with those gifts, burning the diary in which you have written all those beautiful memories of a person who has wronged you and left you for another person… will burning everything will work to reduce the pain and move on?

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Hope @anya_forger

It might help since it’s not there in front of your eyes physically. But it does take time to move on. Stay strong ❤️


Yes it hurts like hell but the person is happy with another person… so why would I cry? I tell this to myself everyday… time will heal my wound…

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Cole Smith @coleisneat

It might hurt the environment, I would recommend recycling if at all possible

Sanket @sanket

Nope will only raise CO2, instead recycle them and in return your might get something valuable
The point is to get rid of those things however you can choose a more correct way


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