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Mandeep @heymandeep

Disconnection from all things.

Lately, over the past year, I have slowly started to feel disconnected from things that I love and like to do. And now it’s only just like clockwork. I don’t know what I should look forward to. I don’t find anyone or anything attractive. It’s become like booting up, doing tasks, and shutting down. Things that I love take an extra effort for me to do now. I’m not materialistic so buying stuff doesn’t really matter.

I don’t get angry, I’m not unhappy, I’m not happy, I don’t get excited, it’s only like a constant state of numbness. I do feel sad tho but it’s only because of things that are not in my control. I don’t even care if tomorrow never comes. I have no regrets.

I want to reconnect to all things, feel the rush again, love again, and get hurt again.

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Gypsy @gypsy

Detachment is what every sadhu aspires. You reached it. Why enter moh maya jaal again.

It’s a great time to filter out the trash and become choosy.

Feel fortunate. You are blessed.


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