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Didn’t win the 20 day challenge 😢
But no problem waiting for the next challenge to do more good things💞

Post anonymously?

Yess, most definitely. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it the next time!!

Ya hope so 🧡



me too dude. Low-key bummed, but I got a “special mention” so that’s pretty cool. Excited for the next one!!

😂 yaa same here
Ya special mention felt so good though and actually excited and waiting for the next one🧡


I know you wanted to win but I honestly love you positive attitude!!
I am sure you learnt a lot from this challenge and will surely shine in the next one! More power to you!

Thanks for those lovely words got to be positive in all aspects of life and yes the 20 day challenge sometimes was actually q challenge but atleast I got to face my fears of falling back into the past and dance like crazy and yes sure without this one last 20 days of 2020 would have passed away just like that!🧡


I am so glad it worked for you! Stay positive always!
Sending good wishes your way!


Which 20 day challenge

Hi @mrmorningstar
Btw I really like your name.
So actually there was a 20 days challenge here at nowandme and we had to do one task each day and share our experience or a picture sometimes and we were awarded points for them and the person with the highest points won and received exciting gifts.
If you press the three lines on the top right you will see rewind press it and you’ll get to know more
Congratulations to @dkhandelwal for winning it 🧡