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Rebecca Olivia @rebeccaoli...

(Did a repost cause I find this fits more with societal pressure)
So im back again just before I go to bed to tell what happened 5 years ago and how it changed my life for me, and not in the best way.
To put it bluntly, 5 years ago on 2nd June i had a severe seizure. The seizure was caused by my epilepsy that at the time, I didn’t know I had.
Disclaimer - I highly DO NOT advise going and watching an epileptic seizure because they are terrifying, not only for the person having the seizure but also for on-lookers/watchers. So don’t do it.
So, I was going about my normal routine I had in the mornings for school when it started, small bursts at first. I brushed it aside that I was just catching glimpses of the tv. But things quickly changed once I got upstairs and into the bathroom. My head started spinning, I felt sick, I couldn’t stay on my feet, small things like this happened. My parents came in to check on me, this wasn’t the first time it had happened but it certainly was the worst.
My body had started to shut down on me, only my brain staying active. I was unresponsive for ten minutes while conscience and my parents didn’t know what to do.
My mum was in tears and she rarely cries, my dad was trying to get me to respond to him, but failed miserably. I knew what was happening. I just couldn’t respond to them, couldn’t speak or anything, just sit there panicking on the inside wanting to tell them what was wrong.
My dad had called the ambulance by now wanting to get me to hospital. It was only 8 o’clock right now and I was put in the back of an ambulance and was on my way to nine wells hospital in Dundee.
When we got there I had thrown up my breakfast twice, and spent ten minutes getting my blood taken. It was terrifying. I was put in the children’s ward and was the oldest there, I had to stay over night. And it’s right to say I got barely any sleep. Thankfully I got let out the next day at lunch time, went home and honestly didn’t know what to do.
I couldn’t just go straight back into my daily life after that, it was the start of the school holidays today. Yet I did just that.

So I feel that I’ve done my traumatising (for me) story justice so I’m now going to sleep, might post tomorrow, if anyone wants to find out more I don’t mind and I’ll do another one. So, night everyone!
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Cristen @cristen

Hi Rebecca. I had gone through a similar experience a few years back and i know how tough it is to deal with the entire trauma. It is very brave of you to come and talk about it here. I haven’t been able to discuss it so openly with anyone and reading your post gives me strength. Thankyou so much for sharing your experience here. I hope i am able to talk about it sometime soon as well.

Maulika @maulika

Take care, love. Its wonderful seeing what a strong woman you are.

Thomas @thomas

I would want to know more. Stay strong babe x

Charu @charu

When I was in school in the 4th grade I remember one of my classmates who had a seizure while we class was going on. we didn’t know what was happening or what it was called. I think we were concerned about what was happening but didn’t know what todo . Your parents sound very caring and loving, like most parents. It is so great that you went back to living your life normally and didn’t let this affect you. What is it like for you now ? What are there challenges you face in your everyday life because of the epilepsy ?


stay strong…more power to you


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