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winor @winor

Diary : 25 nov 2021 00 : 10
- Im grateful for everything , my life is just like a toy yk, people come and play with me for a certain time. After i suck and unused. I just got left, and waitting to be played again. I wonder when they will leave me this time.

- I trust anyone because i dont care what happens to myself anymore. You want to destroy me ? Go ahead bro but what do you want to destroy? Im already broken. Lmao.

- if i love someone,. I want he/she to be comfy with me. No matter what, since i just dont want to be alone, i dont want to be not played . Im sick waitting people to play me again.

- Future me here lemme say something i hope you are doing great now cause you once in your live felt something that is hard. People say its a simple thing i also had the same problem. They dont know that we are the different personalities and different character. If i can choose my character i wont waste this good character bro. Ik my own limits and price.

- i hope you achieve great things. I hope you are still with her. Cause she is the only one who can make me smile while i wasnt. That’s it , i hope i survived this live for good :)

P.S. should i just disappear? Me disappearing wont make anyone sad anw and making people relief right hahaha just my opinion

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