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Despite giving so much to people, always ending up getting hurt!
There is no one whom I have not loved and there is no one who has not hurt me!!

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suraj kumar @008sr

Hey!! It hurts I understand!! So better stop expecting anything from anyone!! Be strong my friend!! This is life, face it and keep moving


Every heart break is a lesson. And this time its to build your self respect bro

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jaedon @jaedon

The advice in here ain’t the best everyone makes it sound so easy to get over something like this I know it can be rough when u feel like u give more then u get in life we do get hurt sometimes but it’s important that u don’t blame yourself and u get back up and keep trying to live the best life u can you’ll meet better people u just haven’t met the right ones yet and I know it’s frustrating but that doesn’t happen over night but they will come it takes time


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