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Depression/Anxiety is so weird and mentally draining. One day I feel like maybe I will be okay, and the next I feel completely hopeless. Or I’ll wake up and be in a good mood but it all changes within a split second. I could be crying hysterically and then in a split second I’m fine again. I constantly need reassurance and if you have just a change of tone I feel like you hate me and you’re going to leave me. I have a constant fear of losing those that I love the most. I don’t let people in because I’m scared of being hurt or taken advantage of all over again. I’m so tired all the time simply from fighting the thoughts that are in my head. I have no motivation to get anything done yet I’m so terrified of failing. Having depression and anxiety is so physically and mentally draining. I’m just tired…that’s it…that’s all…

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Same… I’m trying to be ok and I hope every day that its all just a terrible nightmare that will end but its not and i feel like i am just hopeless, out of energy, and i am really emotionally drained too but pls just don’t give up and let go even though its hard.


and i know im just a stranger but everything happens for a reason even though that something is hard it still happened for a reason and hopefully its really the truth “the truth hurts more than lies” be ok pls


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