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one of my closest friend stopped talking to me 2months back . he blocked my call . but not on social media … but he tefuses to talk to me … I gave him a lot of space n contact him only once a month bit he dnt want to solve things at all . he meant the world to me & i don’t understand how he can break our frienship like this after he promised to be by my side wherever we went . I am unable to deal with this distance anymore … What do you think will happen . How do i react .

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Idk, I’m sorry but you’re not alone, one day 2 people who I considered my best friends just told me one day that they didn’t like me, I was absolutely crushed, I try to shake the memories but the truth is I just can’t, I tried doing everything for them and I just don’t know why they did it, I even took one of them on vacation, I just don’t get it because I had flaws but I never stopped doing what I thought was best for them, even months later I can’t shake the feeling, I’ve tried bottling my feeling and I forget for a little but then there is something that reminds me of them and I just go back to feeling sad, these were people that were like family to me for a few years and it was hard to not emotionally break down in Spanish class when one of them just said that they just don’t like me anymore, you might not even see this but thank you for being relatable, these past few months have been hard on me and it helps me knowing that I’m not alone


Hey I can understand what you’re feeling because my friends too have suddenly stopped talking to me…I asked them if there’s any issue but they just deny. Listen, it’s ok to feel what you’re feeling…and don’t be so hard on yourself… it’s better you found out though right? Imagine if they were going to be fake friends forever. You’ll make better friends. Just remember though, don’t lose yourself ever.


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