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If you or somebody you know is currently struggling, please take deep breaths and reach out to somebody. Here are few resources that may help.

Vignesh @vignesh

Lately life has became so hard to live in 💔
Nothing is feeling good
I just feel like I ruined my life. Nowadays small things started hurting me…
Never thought of me being like this.

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Think about ur parents nd siblings

Vignesh @vignesh

tbt I am living my life for them only


Hey @vignesh,
can totally understand how you must be feeling. but don’t lose heart or hope. this is a difficult time for almost everyone. so ask yourself if the situation of the world is bringing you down or if there is something else in your life bringing you down. please don’t feel sad, even the best feel people feel low or down…you can talk to us here about it

Vignesh @vignesh

thank you there i dont know who you r but you cared for me thank you means alot


im so happy, my one small reply meant so much to you, thank you, you made my day!

Vignesh @vignesh

Hope you have a wonderful day ahead


Heyy, trust me you’re not the only one facing this situation. There are millions out there going through the same emotion and it’s just a small phase in your life. Life is full of ups and downs and this phase won’t last long. Try your hand in something new. Listen to some new music. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror, talk to us. Try dancing on some qwerky beats and pick up some new moves. Make your life new and exciting. Things will fall in a better place soon, keep faith, it always works out in the end.

Vignesh @vignesh

Hope this all happens I feel so tired now a days what to say I just restless


It’s okay, everything you’re going through is normal. It’s fine. Never lose hope.

Vignesh @vignesh



I know the feeling. I think you should talk to someone who understands you very well.I know it’s hard to open up if you are depressed. But once you open up it will feel better. I know I too now a days gets easily hurt and irritated at the same time. Maybe it’s this time. I hope it will be over soon and I hope you feel better. Atleast somebody will be happy. ❤️

Vignesh @vignesh

Later I just started avoiding people. Because people don’t understand. I may sound crazy but now been sad depressed make people angry they ask why r u like this. Like if we wanted to enjoy our life in this blackhole


See brother I am also been there…I have gone through everything like anxiety , depression, heartbreak everything…but keep one thing in mind…time will heal everything up…you just need one person with whom you can share everything…share your anxiety, insecurities everything…then gradually everything will be fine…we all been there…but we all still here happy n smiling


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