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I never felt so lonely in my life, no friends, or anyone to talk to. I keep on pushing people away from me coz I don’t know how to trust… An HIV positive, am a mother of a 1year 3mounths boy, no parents.

My problems started after I lost my parents,it wasn’t easy but I kept a smile on my face an tried to move on. A year after I found out I am pregnant an HIV positive an the father of my baby wants nothing to do with us, an I still smiled an act as if everything is okay.i don’t have friends, my own family don’t like me an even when I try to talk no one takes me Cruz. I keep hurting people around even my sister hates me. An being umployed makes everything worse coz I have to depend on people who pretend to love me.

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Venky @venky

We are there with you . U have family (now and me ) please don’t hurt yourself u want to talk u can message hear


it’s okay to show that you’re not okay. no one forces you to put on a smile on your face daily and it is not something that’s required of anyone. let go of all the negative feelings you have and dont keep it pent up. find people who seem to care about you or talk to a therapist, that could help. during lockdown it is also hard to just be by yourself and with your thoughts so try to take your mind off things and stay healthy. nothing is your fault and dont take it too hard on yourself okay?


Don’t worry ma’am…we are with you


a person who always smiles never get depressed It doesn’t matter fake or real simile… "fake it till you make it " and I know you will make it. it is bliss to smile whatever the situation.
OH man, how strong you are a salute to you and how you handle the situation no words to express this.
I think you don’t need fake friends or to depend on people who only pretend to love you because when you have a beautiful baby boy you don’t need anything else and his love towards yours is so pure you don’t need those fake love ones.
its truly said u have a family(now&me) from above comments and we love you and a huge salute you to being a great mother.
There is a bright future ahead of you&for your baby boy and keep this smile on your face always 😇👏


Thanks for lifting my spirit, just reading this messages I now know that am not alone. Thank u very much, I really appreciate


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