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Depressed. Been a month since the breakup. We used to talk from the moment we woke up until we went to bed. We were best friends for 2.5 years. She told me she is confused and misses what we had last week, then the next day said we have zero chance of getting back together. Now she ignores me amd I’m depressed with nobody to talkt to. I barely eat and have lost 20lbs so far.

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thanks for sharing
i totally understand how you must be feeling
its very common to feel lonely after a break up because now that you used to talk for long hours and that is not happening now so that empty time might feel real bad. just know that it will take time for you to get fine with this gap because it’s not a one day thing it is a long process which needs you to be gentle to yourself and decide what and how you wanna take it forward.
maybe you can try to go out and meet other people and talk, if that helps or you can also like try to keep yourself engaged in activities you like doing so that you will keep busy and think about your breakup a little less.
i hope you get through this soon
all the best <3


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