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This was her second pregnancy. Elated they came home and the baby was gone to the heaven above within seven days.

He flew to Delhi to get his daughter married. All arrangements done. The Best venue booked and he passed away a week before. The daughter still feels that daddy shall return.

She was busy with her day job and promised her parents to visit them in the next vacation. She failed her promise and her parents left.

These days my morning begins with news about loss. It is so painful to loose our loved ones to a virus we under estimated and were unprepared for. The grief of a loss is beyond condolences and support. IT IS IRREPLACEABLE.

BUT there is one thing that exists amongst all this HOPE

Hope for a better tomorrow
Hope that we will be more responsible
Hope that we will take nothing for granted

So for all reading this today, there is tomorrow and the sun will rise.
You are not alone.
Let us brace ourselves tight. THIS SHALL PASS.

Lots of love and laughter always with a dash of sunshine.

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Hope makes us strong it is why we are here It is what we fight with when all else is lost#pandora

Stay strong everyone 🌻

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