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Pholosho @blessing

Dear Whoever,

I had all the chances to make something of my life, and I blew
every one of them. Through my own carelessness and misfortune,
the world has retreated from me, and so now it makes perfect sense
that I shouald retreat from the world.
If i felt it was possilble to stay, I would. But I don’t. And so I can’t
I make life worse for people.
I have nothing to give. I’m sorry

2 replies

Hey hey hey…it’s okay we all do some real mess with our lives but that doesn’t mean that our future is not good or smthg!
Just forgive your past self and you can start afresh!
You dunno what life has in stock for ya! :)

chris @dyinginside0919

Everyone has something to give, you haven’t messed up, those opportunities just wasn’t for you, you gotta keep on and you will find your purpose just believe in yourself, and know you are loved.


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