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Dear Tony Stark Jr.
Well, to say that these past 2 days have been hell would be a gross understatement. Its that part of my life where theres nothing else on my mind, its all uncertain, what course would life take now on, we do not know.
We were a fantastic couple for about 7 months or so, since then my better half has been going through some issues regarding us. I did not know all this so this comes as a shock to me, like literally my whole life shattered, all the dreams, promises, vows, flashing and burning in front of my own eyes.

Its difficult to see your happy small love house collapse in front of your eyes, but you are helpless because you no you can’t do anything. You are mature so you need to understand the need. Yet, you are emotional so you need to cry your eyes dry. Not that only I am the one feeling bad, she must be feeling exact. To say in one word what I am feeling would be quite impossible, I am in a whirlpool of emotions and it feels like im drowning slowly.

Still, I know shes there for me…but can i address her with those cutie names again? an i behave in the same manner? Of course not and i ave no complains, just regrets, My tears have dried not (well almost) but the feeling of void is still there. The feeling when you lose a part of yourself…and its wrenching my heart. Its a swirling whirlpool that I know I know I have to survive, theres no other option…is there?
Theres a major part of our lives still left and though I do not believe in destiny but now maybe I just hope someday she will come back, or rather someday I will win her heart back.

Though apart, I know neither of us our alone…I know shes there, a text away, you feel the same aaku? I hope you do :)

So, what now? Nothing just that theres clat in about 20 days back…I cannot even afford to falter an inch…I have to crack it anyhow and then there are somemore items on my wishlist that I wanna complete befpre college starts
and then whole lotta other items which i want to do in college. Tough? Yes.
Can I? Yes I can.

Her memories make it a bit difficult but thats also the fuel that will throttle
me and send me spacebound.
What would i miss? The cute texts, the late night Video call kisses, the random I love yous. I miss her.

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aww @hawk,
maybe you two are going through a difficult phase, and maybe it’ll all get better soon. and if not, and i hate to sound like that, but maybe this is a new chapter in your life, so however you approach it, I can see that you are positive about your life and that’s the spirit. i can feel it in my bones, that whatever happens to you, will be good and you will make your life good, god bless and love and more positivity to you!!


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