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Lia @leelia

dear the one I love,
I don’t need to have you I don’t need us to be together, I don’t need you to love me I just want you to love and I can love for both of us. Just be happy, be healthy, love, and be loved like I love you. During the hard times I’ll pray for you, ill pray for an angel for you to come and safe you like you once saved me, I know I can’t be what you were to me to you, I know things are hard for “us” to exist. Because I can’t show you how much i love you i pray for someone to love you as much as i do and to have the courage that I never had. I would give up my life for you to be happy. I don’t know how you’re doing and that hurts me more than not being able to see you, if only i knew you are fine then I could smile, i could feel at peace. I don’t how you been doing that’s why I’m not happy cuz only if you are I can be but I don’t know that. Promise me that whatever happens whatever people say, even if you get hurt you won’t lose your essence, you won’t lose that warm smile of yours cuz in a word without ur smile the sun doesn’t come out promise your eyes will never be empty promise in them there will always remain that light like a star in the night sky that could light up the darkest of nights, promise me you’ll never close your heart, the one that was full of love for everyone and could see good in all. Promise me you’ll always be you. I hope you know you’re so special, you are the most unique person I’ve ever met, you’re so good, so kind, the best person I’ve ever met, it’s hard to think people like that exist but you do, you’re like an angel, you’re so worth it. So remember your existence is so important, idk if I’d even exist if I hadn’t met you, be proud of who you are, cuz you might just be one person in this world but you’re the world to me. In another life as different people, in a better world, let’s meet again then maybe we will be able to be together but as for now all i want is for you to be happy.

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Its superb dear thanks for reminding, I must say after reading some of your thoughts you must post more here or in social handles. You have magic Plz continue don’t stop.

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Lia @leelia

thank youuuu 🥺💙


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