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Lia @leelia

dear the one I love,
I donโ€™t need to have you I donโ€™t need us to be together, I donโ€™t need you to love me I just want you to love and I can love for both of us. Just be happy, be healthy, love, and be loved like I love you. During the hard times Iโ€™ll pray for you, ill pray for an angel for you to come and safe you like you once saved me, I know I canโ€™t be what you were to me to you, I know things are hard for โ€œusโ€ to exist. Because I canโ€™t show you how much i love you i pray for someone to love you as much as i do and to have the courage that I never had. I would give up my life for you to be happy. I donโ€™t know how youโ€™re doing and that hurts me more than not being able to see you, if only i knew you are fine then I could smile, i could feel at peace. I donโ€™t how you been doing thatโ€™s why Iโ€™m not happy cuz only if you are I can be but I donโ€™t know that. Promise me that whatever happens whatever people say, even if you get hurt you wonโ€™t lose your essence, you wonโ€™t lose that warm smile of yours cuz in a word without ur smile the sun doesnโ€™t come out promise your eyes will never be empty promise in them there will always remain that light like a star in the night sky that could light up the darkest of nights, promise me youโ€™ll never close your heart, the one that was full of love for everyone and could see good in all. Promise me youโ€™ll always be you. I hope you know youโ€™re so special, you are the most unique person Iโ€™ve ever met, youโ€™re so good, so kind, the best person Iโ€™ve ever met, itโ€™s hard to think people like that exist but you do, youโ€™re like an angel, youโ€™re so worth it. So remember your existence is so important, idk if Iโ€™d even exist if I hadnโ€™t met you, be proud of who you are, cuz you might just be one person in this world but youโ€™re the world to me. In another life as different people, in a better world, letโ€™s meet again then maybe we will be able to be together but as for now all i want is for you to be happy.

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Its superb dear thanks for reminding, I must say after reading some of your thoughts you must post more here or in social handles. You have magic Plz continue donโ€™t stop.

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Lia @leelia


thank youuuu ๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿ’™

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