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Sansthita @sansthita

Dear Nice Fellow
I saw you at the meet today and I also read very carefully every text that you sent. I am touched by the kind words that you said and I am so proud of the fact that you overcame your anxiety to express what you expressed in the meet. I am so glad that my words could actually make a difference in your life and they comforted you in your dark times. I hope you are in a better phase now and as I keep saying, ‘There is a lot of light at the end of this tunnel’. I hope you have found your light. My purpose of coming here was to heal myself and others and I feel I have succeeded to an extent. Comments like yours, motivate me to be a better person.
Thank you once again for your kind words. They really made me smile. Love and hugs.
PS: have an amazing life ahead. 🤗🤗🤗

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Ashish Sharma @thatsmeashi...


Sansthita @sansthita

Hope whoever he is, he reads it. ☺ That was pretty brave of him, whoever he was.

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Ashish Sharma @thatsmeashi...

Offcourse he was i appreciate him for that.
Atleast he had the courage to accept what he feel.

Sansthita @sansthita

Yeah. Plus he was pretty respectful about it. I kinda respect everyone’s emotions. Might not able to reciprocate (ek hi toh dil hai lol) but haan I dont insult people. Everybody is accepted, with their flaws and strengths. No judgements. ☺

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Ashish Sharma @thatsmeashi...

He was respectful too

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