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Aakifah @kifah

Dear mom
I am scared of losing you
You are everything I have
I can’t see you in pain
Ammi, I can’t see you cry
I can’t see you scream in pain
I wish I could take all your pain away and bear it instead
I wish I could do something to help
I am not strong enough to see you suffer in so much pain

I don’t know what to do
I feel so scared
I feel weak
I feel like I am not doing anything

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Mujtaba Hasan @m_hasan24

I hope ur anything that is going in ur family gets better… Nobody deserves to watch their parents in such a condition…

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main anjaan @theaksh

Your mom is proud to have a child like you… all her wishes came true after having a child like you. You are a great child. Stay strong. I wish she will be fine soon…


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