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Dear anxiety

have you seen the silence before and after the war?
have you ever observed the seeping silence, i know its peaceful and very comforting but why do you constantly juggle with the thoughts and mechanism of my head.
have you ever that seen old memorie lane? there was life and things to me being me as a human being.
you have brought me to a non existing place where i live every second, but without my consciousness thn when I turn around i see that’s just a second i lived and couldn’t make anything better for the future because you are a thing controlling my every vain.
wish there was some application i could write to you to convince you to take a nap which would make me live atleast few seconds.
wish we could be friends.
why is it you show me the worst of both worlds which i don’t intend to nor deserve to, I’m not a rude people nor a person to hurt humans but why do you let me do it. you say to open up but thn push me to pit holes.

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