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Dear A.
When I moved to college you were the first girl I met. Never felt so close to any other person. I shared each and every experience with you from my childhood to present. You were my best friend. I did love you A. With all of my heart. I cared for you. I meant the best for you.
I never wanted to go behind your back to hurt you. But you were playing with two people’s lives. I had to do it.What you were doing was wrong, it still is wrong. I tried to stop you a million times but you didn’t listen to me. I had to do it. Even now you didn’t stop doing wrong to those people. I did everything I had in power to stop you. I even lost my best friend. We don’t talk anymore. We’re not in each other’s lives. But believe me. I really loved you, you were my best friend. I miss you a lot. But I don’t want you now in my life for what you did.
I lost my best friend. And it hurts.

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