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Daydreaming and creating scenarios in your head…
Trying escape reality…
Reverie they say…
Its when someone are being pleasantly lost in their own thoughts…
Its a beautiful word…

People like this are really in deep trouble…
They can get heartbroken easily…
They always expecting eveything but reality
They want something that…
Very unreal

Its dangerous what the mind can do to us…
It control us…
Trying the best to make us feel in peace
Trying to dodge the bullets that reality shot at us
Just trying to be happy…

That’s all we want…
Either with someone or something
It doesn’t matter…
But no… the society say
You can’t do this
You can’t do that
Is this what the world have become?
All we want are just…
For a second…

Until it became an illness…
A mental illness
That everyone didn’t realised

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Hi…Thank you for sharing.
I hear you. I understand how you feel.
We all think a lot and that’s okay. I relate to that.

Please be kind to yourself, stay calm and believe in yourself.

Just listen to yourself and what’s best for you.
You’re precious. You’re kind. You’re everything you need to be.

Have faith.
I believe in you.

I’m here if you want to talk.


I just wanted to let you know that your responses are amazing…
Very very well written
You are a tender heart…
Appreciate all your efforts.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for making ppl feel better with your words…
God bless you always.
Keep it up…
Take care of urself
N keep spreading hope n positivity like this always…


Thank you for taking out the time to spread so much love and positivity. It means a lot to me. You made my day and I’m thankful for you.

You’re beautiful.
Tight hug and loads of love.
I’m always here for you.


Hii dear one,
Your post indicates you are a very emotional n sensitive person…
This makes u really spl…
See there is no problem in daydreaming
It is good
It is healthy
If it gives u peace n happiness it is all fine
But then dear we all have to face the reality of life…
Yes for sometime u can escape the reality
Enter world of imagination
N feel solace
But u will have to be back in reality

Unfortunately dear we arenot the script writer of our life
So we cannot decide or make things happen

The script of our life is written by god/supreme authority/universe

N certain things are beyond our control

So we have no choice


Also we must keep faith in self n universe…
Just try to believe
That better plans are awaiting for you…
Pls avoid dissecting or overthinking about things happening in your life

For peace n happiness just


Always listen to your mind n heart

So if your daydreaming gives u peace
Continue with it
But if it hurts
It pains then stay away from it…

I will share a personal life experience with you…

See when the person i loved was in my life
I used to daydream a lot about meeting him
Spending time happy moments with him
That time it gave me peace n happiness
But then he left from my life
N i know i can never have him back
So now daydreaming about him
Makes me emotionally vulnerable…
Thinking about him
Is a trigger…

So i have to stay away from it…

I cannot change the reality

I have to accept it

Because not accepting will pain n hurt me…

Dear you are stronger than you know…
Take care.
God bless.

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