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Day#1: Standing on my feet

After heartbreak and four months of depression amid lockdown, both at the same time, today I am able to stand on my feet. The memories of the agnostic past are still there in my mind, but I think it will be the same unless I stand up against it. My ex and her new boyfriend are doing pretty well in their lives. They are doing projects together, making love and having a satisfying life. The chain of events seems to be a lot in their favour. On the contrary, I have been miserable for the past four months, crying non-stop, unable to concentrate on my studies and projects, losing weight and having continuous negative thoughts. People did try to help me, but I realized that things wouldnโ€™t change unless I help myself.
A depressed person often loses hope in the future. Everything feels so bleak and meaningless. It feels like whatever I do, things are not going to change. My life will be miserable always. But something happened today. I stumbled upon a video of Dr Jordan Peterson on YouTube. He is a great psychologist, and he believes in stoic philosophy which says that life is a suffering. Right from eternity, life has been a suffering, and till the end of stars, life will be a suffering. Thatโ€™s the only truth of humankind that seconds to death. And if that is the case, the purpose of humankind is to try to lessen that suffering as much as possible. A person should begin by finding ways to reduce his own sufferings, the pains of his body and mind. When he is able to do that he gains the strength to help those who he loves like his family members and friends. With the power gained henceforth, he can reduce the suffering of society. Thatโ€™s how he transcends hope and meaning in the world that enlightens the miserable to stand up and work.
Today is the first day of my new life, and the first thing that I have decided to do from today is to do something, however small to reduce my suffering. I know lord Shiva will help me with that.
Agent Orange

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant


Hey, thats so awesome. And yes, trying your best until the end of this life to get the things that come and go on your way is what it is:) So nice of you sharing this all and wish you very good-luck. Be positive and keep smiling:)


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