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Day has not been going very well honestly🙃
I have a bad cold since the past week and feel like it’s eating up my head🙄
My social energy has basically died and I just wanna be alone but also have a FOMO so…😬

Dunno what to do but feels good to write about it here😅 A checking up mail from Now&Me today made me feel very good and I realised someone is there to listen 🥺
I hope I had the guts to post this not anonymously 😓

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Same here you are not alone.


You are really brave to share your feelings on how you feel. That must have taken courage to share this. Feel free to vent… we’re here for you. What’s on your mind? Don’t keep it all bottled up. It’s good to let it all out.


Thank you this means a lot🙂


Thank you so much this means a lott🥺
I cannot even remember the last time someone was so supportive of my feeings and tried to understand 🧡

I do feel much better now thanks 😊


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