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Rowan @rowan478

Day 75 of writing journal entries.

I had a good day today! Was a tad bit tired, not really sure why, but that’s okay, I’ll just make sure to get some good sleep tonight. Most days I know I don’t do much but that might change soon, because as of right now, I’m trying to find things to fill my time with, things I can write about in these entries. Any fun suggestions would be nice, something to cook or bake, hobbies, movies, etc.

I suppose one interesting thing happened today, well it’s going to happen, I’m going golfing with my grandpa on Wednesday next week. We golf together a lot but had to stop and wait for the weather to get a lil better, and since it’s getting warmer he wants to take me! So, I’m excited for that.

That’s all for this entry, hope you’re doing well. 🧡

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Andria - Kim @ssandrakim

Why do i always think journal entries is something in accounting 😭

chris @dolce_far_nient

It’s such a good hobby…maybe I should start doing this too…as for suggestions…I would totally want to watch this show on Netflix…it’s called shadow and bone


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