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sky @forbidden_tales

Day 1 of tracking human psychology as someone unrelated to the field of study of psychology based on my own personal experience. :-

1. Memory is unreliable, sometimes it varies with time depending on our emotions. So past actions and emotions that we might believe as real might just be something we want to believe in, in certain cases.
2. Only two things make an identity of a person, first is their own values that they choose for themselves through their time of growing up by picking up values from their surroundings or family or through their own other observations. The second is the memories that one develops through various interactions since birth to share them with others and reminisce as a part of themselves as something that builds their values and personality.

Conclusion :-
So yeah having good memories can be said as the most important treasure one can have while growing up, even though it might be unreliable at times just like our friends. So guys maybe just focus on making some good ones and fak everything else. ๐Ÿค“ (hehe just kidding)

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