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[of telling my story with this guy until I feel like I’m over him.]
"It all started in the middle of the lock down I wasn’t really expecting something to happen my mind was focusing on much more important things than having a random crush on some random guy, eventually this is what happened… day by day I started noticing a guy on one of my social media platforms trying to catch my attention by reacting to each post and making comments here and there, he did catch my eye indeed and after looking at his profile I convinced myself that I like how he looks based on his pp and ignored other pics that I didn’t really like, one day he texted me and we clicked off right away, he started opening up very quickly and easily at first I think we were both shy with getting to know each other so i kind of shared some few things with him too but after that all I remember was him sharing his life and me listening, I had no problem with that and he didn’t either i truly enjoyed us talking all day long staying up late nights sharing random stuff during the conversations, i don’t open up as easily as him so I wasn’t sharing as much personal information as he did. Now we know basic Infos about each other including our relationship status (we both were single) something happened…

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thank you, and yes more parts are coming because the story is way too long.


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