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Day 1 of 2024 ✨

From today starting a new habit of journaling my day, I know it’s tooo late to start this, I’m actually 23 years late to write every single day, but it’s never too late to write.

So writing from today!!!

I know just started few hours back, but already feeling like I’m done with this year, don’t know whether to feel sad, empty, or just feeling distached from everyone! Feeling not happy, not special, just a regular day while others are just enjoying this very first day of 2024, they are hoping for new enjoyments, achievements, hopes and everything good! While I’m just hoping this day could get over soon!!!

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

Don’t mind… I see more of a negative thing in the post… What is really happening to you? Are you alone? Still struck with the past things?


Yes I feel alone, and I don’t know but every year is the same, I mean I don’t see difference in changing the years, it’s just I’m growing up and doing normal job and not going anywhere! Can’t save money, can’t travel, it’s all just old stories where I’m just earning and giving money for household works to mom!
It’s just I wanna travel, but my family doesn’t allow me to travel alone or even with frnds, I just can go 1 day I mean night stays are not allowed and much more things, and also I discussed alot in past but nothing changed, instead my peace got disturbed discussing these things, so I decided I’ll not discuss and not disturb my peace anymore!😅
And yeah maybe you can seee negative thing in my post, but atleast the positive is I will write everyday! and make myself better!✨

Thankyou for commenting!!✨✨

Durgadutt S.B @the_healer

Man it’s not about the negativity… it’s ur pain let it out u aren’t alone even I feel the same way as u struggling and getting fed up on the very first day… Let out ur pain … feel relieved 🩶


Yeahhh thankyou so much!!!😅


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