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Day 1 - Hello everyone im 26 years old male and for the first time in my life i feel depressed and i feel empty inside because i broke up with my girlfriend it has been 5 months now since we broke up and im not getting bether i want to go back to her but she doesnt want me anymore and the thing is im not ready for another relationship so bacically thats it i just wanted to share that thank you.

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Hey! I’m so sorry to know about your breakup. I can relate how you must be feeling. Breakups aren’t easy to digest. If you can understand what is her reason to breakup I’m sure you can overcome it. I’m certain you must’ve tried winning her back but for some strong reason if she doesn’t feel working it out. You should let go, it is hard but possible. Try to keep yourself busy find a hobby or develop if you already have one. But make sure to find closure to your relationship before starting a new one. Trust me, I recently found my closure after 10yrs and feeling strong about it. You’ll definitely overcome this and remember only you can do this.