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Day 0.
I am figuring things out. I am realising that a lot of things are temperory and I need to let them go.

had a poorly productive day, but every day is a new beginning.

So targets for tomorrow, i.e. Day 1:

Wake up by 5.
Drink lukewarm water.
Attempt 2 LR test, 1 LA test and 1 English test.
Break + pre breakfast.
---- by 9
Revise draft 2 of May
History 20 pages
------ by 12
Draft 3 of May
June draft 3 and 4
----------- by 4
Attempt a mock
---------- by 6
Go for a walk
---------- by 7
Draft 4 of May
---------- by 10
Read a book
---------- sleep by 11

Miscellaneous task:
Use instagram less
Don’t invest much time on phone calls.
15 glasses of water.
Stay focused.

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