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James Adnan @thejamesadnan

Dating is tough for men in India because:

1. Men often face trust issues due to the behavior of other men in our patriarchal and sexually repressed society, making it hard to gain trust.

2. Men may not understand the challenges women face in feeling safe, and they might not know how to make women feel secure.

3. Good humor and conversation skills are crucial, and men might need to adjust their approach when talking to women. Being funny with friends is different from being funny with women.

All of these challenges need to be addressed even before a genuine conversation begins. Unfortunately, men often avoid discussing these issues with each other, so valuable knowledge, mistakes, and lessons aren’t shared. This is just one aspect of the problem, and there are many other factors to consider.

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Raghav @r4gh4v


So what’s the solution for this. Can you tell please? What if I want to date without using any app then what should I do?

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James Adnan @thejamesadnan


Sure, whenever you get women so try to talk normal and it will create curiosity after that.

Everyone is different so read about dating and human behaviour. It will give you more exposure.

Everything is skills. It can dating, editing and writing etc.


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