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Dating hot people is exhausting. I absolutely hate dating. There is genuinely such a thing as too many partners. Dating, let’s face it is a hardcore sport, and if you Master it you’re definitely only going to get very little out of it. I absolutely despise, sitting across someone and listening to them yammer on about their lives. I don’t care if they had pets growing up or if their dad is a senator or if their job is amazing. I just want to smoosh booties and never talk to them again. I think the absence of a real challenge is making me really morose. Only a player can play another player. I used to go out every Saturday and I haven’t been out in months and I don’t really feel like going too. I have major dating fomo, but I also don’t have the energy to put in any effort. Ya feel?

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fam, your life must be lit


dating is EXHAUSTING. especially when you’ve already been in a serious relationship previously. demands a lot of emotional availability…


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