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The concerned @theconcern...

Dare to be different

I’ve grown past relationships,
I lost others right from the start,
the battles I won and kept and those I failed at,
all hang on my walls.
They’re not nice galleries though but sometimes I have to see them and beat a “you’ve done well” out of my chest.

And all those times I’d danced to my own music,
especially when I’d won a battle or dumped a girl who wanted nothing but closure,
nothing seemed different to me.
I feel that everything is the same for everyone,
go to school, pray hard, learn hard, meet people, lose people,
It’s the same candle burning for us.

~The Concerned AKA Nikhil Singh

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The last line 🥺🥺🥺🥺🤌🤌❤❤❤❤

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The concerned @theconcern...

It continues here…

We see the light and we choose to follow,
we leave out our choices and choose to follow,
The what’s ifs don’t matter anymore, we just choose to follow,
and now we all want to choose the same route to success,
It’s not bad but sometimes choosing gets wrong,
So if this life thing and choosing thing is a truth or dare?
I dare to be different.

~The Concerned

saidur Rahman @saidur


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The concerned @theconcern...



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