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Damn…my mood just went from happy to a combination of sad and mad. I had to go eat with my family, I don’t like eating with my family anymore, it’s a pain in the ass…sorry for being rude but It’s the truth, don’t get me wrong I used to love eating with my family but it isn’t the same anymore. I was constantly reminded by my dad that I ate too much and that’s why I looked the way I looked, that should stop eating too much, I would start to work out, I should eat healthy like my sister, I should be eating a little like my sister. That really fucked me up and my sister, 2 years ago I found out that my sister wasn’t eating properly because of my parents…she would keep track of how many calories she ate in a journal, and hurtful worlds. And for me, I also stopped eating a lot and starved myself. I eat alone, and I got scared of how much I eat around my parents, but I would be more cautious around my dad since he was the one that would always say that I ate a lot, this was two years ago, and I’m still like this. I don’t allow myself to eat until 5 pm and a snack at 8 pm. I try to work out every day but sometimes I overeat and don’t have the motivation to workout until the next week or so, I don’t blame my parents for the way I am to this day but their words were very hurtful.

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ok ok hold on. So your parents pushed such horrible words on you and your sister so now you both have an unhealthy relatioship with food?? No offense… but your parents sound horrible and kinda messed up. And you and your sister seem to be anorexic. I’m no doctor, but it takes one to know one. Try to stay away from mirrors and scales. Stop counting calories (after all, you can’t count how many calories you lose 🤷‍♀). Love yourself. It’s hard and a long journey I know, but look after yourself and your sister. Eat when you’re hungry, exercise for only an hour each day if you feel the need. Half an hour each day of moderate exercise is healthy. If there is anything I can do to help you with this let me know. In the mean time try talking to your parents or your grandparents about your parents to try to find why they behave like that. Sending love!


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