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Rahul Kharwar @rahul_2011

Damn it this loneliness, this is not going away! No one to talk to, no one to share what I am feeling deep inside, don’t remember the last time when I talked to someone on the phone, I have made peace with the loneliness but nowadays it is killing me inside, I feel unimportant, unwanted, all the time. I know I will be ok but how and how much time it will take? This question has no answer, no friends, no love life, no social life, I was content with all this not much before but right now it has made me anxious and sad as hell.

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Start loving yourself…… join gym or any other activity you enjoy……. I have been through similar situation but later everything will get great…… just be patient and keep focusing on yourself :)

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Rahul Kharwar @rahul_2011

Thanks 🙏


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