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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Consider it to be my third/fourth post(from this id)
I dont understand why people waste their time/life reading religious scriptures! I mean what KNOWLEDGE do you think you are picking from there! Let me tell you,a lot of informations but knowledge even less than a kid who earns it till 8 or 7! I mean why to waste time in GARBAGE for knowledge when you have unfathomable source within which can be unraveled to you through meditation! Some people might argue that by doing so they will know god/about god but then,why dont you accept the fact that he/she is nirakaar and an ananta pit/ditch and move on to the way of meeting him(I mean through meditation)rather than staying on the way of knowing him(that too through another men’s stupid writings)(anyways i am not saying that your purpose at all should be of knowing god,this meditation thing I am saying is if you are really really behind such thing/stupidity)and yes if you think that by you knowing about god and by praising/hailing him(for example bhakti etc.)he would be happy/happy with you,a big congratulations to you because by this understanding you have degraded god even below you.
Now if you ask me,then what is it by which god would be happy/immensely happy with you/your being,let me tell you straight its nothing else apart from pursuing human gifts/preciousses for example love, curiosity,knowledge,honesty,devotion(ofcourse for people not god🤣),dreams,passion,truth,beauty,wisdom,generosity,gratitude,compassion,goodness,solitude,companionship,social nature,life,self love,mindfulness,little awareness of self or even sex for the matter(if its qualified emotionally)! But I would like to add a keynote here and it is that if you are pursuing such human preciousses/traits,then I would say its almost necessary that you develop modesty/a little devotion towards god so that it doesn’t let heighten anything(as devotion towards god helps very immensely in not having heightened anything)! So you see the difference here! I mean where devotion/bhakti etc stands,it stands to serve you only one purpose and that is this that when you are pursuing things,nothing in you gets heightened.
JUST MEDITATE(I mean even this not for god but for self)🤗

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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