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Lamoriya @shristi_sadasam

Consciousness/masculine consciousness repel even the idea of multiple partners,I mean it falls/wants to fall only for one partner,this is its nature(this post is completely in consonance with my other post where I talked about nature of masculine consciousness where I talked about that it seeks some sort of mukti/some sort of fallback(I am adding this now)and the same nature is also working here in wanting to fall for one person only)!But the question is,can you attain it or not!and the answer lies in one simple fact,are you able to pursue it till upto/until this,I mean it would feel like a ship going up initially(remember that its only outer layer of masculine consciousness,you aren’t necessarily required to give in to it),finding meaning and solace in having multiple partners but after you achieve such state(mental ofcourse because why would you pursue something which is not your ultimate reality),it will sink beneath(this falling behind is the ultimate/inner nature of masculine consciousness),finding solace in having one partner only.

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