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confused so if a girl is a virgin and she like wants to explore her body and uses something to simulate what it’s like to do it with someone and it doesn’t hurt at all does that mean she possibly was raped in the past and doesn’t know

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Dhadkan @angel14

Oh…ok so you mean that u used something to put in.n it didn’t hurt like it is supposed to for the first time right ? 😇
So listen the pain …wen it’s the first time is because of a thin membrane covering called hymen…ok ?
So when it breaks ( during sexual intercourse ) it happens so in order to fit In male organ…so it’s like tearing up skin.

Now … another thing is the hymen too has a small cavity ( hole ) for the menstrual blood to flow out…ok ?
So women have it large ( hole ) , or the hymen breaks before sexual intercourse for many due to vigorous exercise like horse riding , excess swimming …etc
U getting me right ?

So if it did not pain…it might be that hymen is washed up…or ur naturally have a bigger cavity 😊

Coming to rape…it’s painful …not possible that u didn’t get to know…
Rape usually ends up leading to internal bleeding due to rupture of blood vessels , abdominal pain , n inability to walk…so …no dear
Take a chill pill ❤️❤️

Also any rape can be confirmed within a certain time limit ( few hrs after the incident ) due to semen traces over reproductive tract…

I don’t think u have underwent all that…it’s normal if it doesn’t pain…it’s scientific…👍

The hymen just breaks due to dance n stuff…so your vaginal opening is just now bigger … nothing takes ur virginity here
U r still a virgin n not raped 😇😇😇🤗

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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Well said my soldier.😇😇

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Dhadkan @angel14

Thanks a lot 😘👍

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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Wlcm my LYF 😋😋


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