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I was reading the article on 10 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid in your Life by @ishitaaggarwal. Great article btw.

And to be honest, I think I categorize myself as β€œThe Spinner of Yarns”.

I have lied to many a people. Even to my best friends. But never as a way to hurt them. And I’m just not saying this.
It started out as innocent exaggerations and embellishments. I loved entertaining them with stories. This went on to the point where I even thought I could go into stand-up comedy. I enjoyed the story telling. I took pleasure in them being so engrossed. There were fun dinners and parties.
Slowly it turned personal. Nothing against them, but little by little I was getting bitter. The jokes were getting meaner. There was more fiction than facts. I was on my way to be a gossip monger. I started making up stuff about other people based on nothing but imagination.
If a person looked at me wrong, I had a story ready to put them down. The person didn’t even know me personally. But my only consolation was, it was just for entertaining my besties.

Eventually I started lying to them about myself. I made up stuff and fed them. Somewhere I was maybe looking for validation, from them. I have never been the cool kid. Yes sure I was the Calm Kid, but never the popular cool kid. Also I was the youngest in my class and never taken seriously.

Recently, events happened in life, and I decided to come clean. Because I knew if this went on for long, I would lose them.

After I did come clean, as expected, things went total sideways. Things were said, and I listened. I told them, I knew what I did and regret it, but also that I needed help.

Thanks for listening.

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Simran @st1199


Happy to read that you told the truth to them as it was wrong making stories like these. Yes, they got distant because of the situation but it is acceptable and can be given a second chance.
Let them take their time and I hope they give you the same space as before.

Try stand up comedy but with sincerity, if you are good at this and can explore at various stages and concerts.
All the best! πŸ˜ƒ


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