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I was in a happily relationship with a guy 5 yrs elder than me. Sometime ago his family forced him to marry, he asked me bt my family refused coz i am 20 only. He got married with a beautiful girl. We still love each other. After that incident my parents are now force me to be focus on studies only and said that i have now 2 years to study after that they will get me married. Now its time that i have to focus on ky studies. Now before a week ago i was started getting atrracted to another guy i purposed me and i was confused coz relationship can destroy my future
Then, before 3 days that boy message me again we start talking as a friend. I get emotional talking to him.
I need someone to talk to me understand me. And he is that person. I was thinking to move on only to fullfil that loneliness in my life bt after coming my ex back its completing bt same time i know he is married now and there can be some problems in his life due to our friendship. Now i get confused thinking these two guys, my loneliness and my studies.

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Girl get yourself out if these relationships a married person won’t be loyal or be with you please don’t be in a relationship with a married oersin it will totally destroy you and being in another relationship just because you want to forget your ex is the worst thing you can do to both of you. You’re totally destroying your life just focus on your studies you’re not alone make your mom or anyone in your family your bestie forget about your past relationships learn from it and move on wait for the one who is truly made for you. You’re strong by your own change yourself before it’s too late don’t make your life a life full if regrets…


Thanku so much its really helpful nd u r right i have to be focused on my studies now. I will do it😊😊


Hey girl its hard to get over past but just delete him ,it will be painfull but u have to do it so your life get sorted move on or life will be all about past ,live present .Hang on with new guy and try to get new experience


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