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i am 19 years old and i breakeup recently with my boyfriend actually i dont feel comfortable with him because he used to talk about weird things but when i told these things to him he always ignores. I also saw in his chats that he used to flirt with so other girls before being my boyfriend at the same time he used to say those things to me also when i asked him he told that forget those things . then i made a fake profile and asked him to be my boyfriend he agrees and then i showed all those chats to him and he was like he knows that i was using that fake profile. My trust broke but when i told that i want to breakup he was like what happened and why i am doing this and in front of my friends he made me as a cheater who used him , so i lied that my parents knew about us and they seized my phone thats why i can not talk to him. Due to this reason, i am in depression because i dont know what to do.

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Believe in your gut feelings
They are the most most helpful right now


If you both are meant to be together you will be
So don’t stress yourself much
Trust him if you think your parents will like him


What u have done is absolutley right its better to be alone than with a wrong person who u dont trust…if u still want to with him u will not be comfortable with him as u wer before…i hope get over this 😌😌


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