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β€ΊOne Sided Loveβ€ΊThought


Hi I’m Ishaan and I’m having my crush’s phone number whom I proposed previous year in the month of August.
After that she blocked my number and stopped talking to me in school as well.
But this year in the month of February she unblocked me and started chatting to me.
I never sent any message to hear first Everytime the chat was started by her.
Now months have passed and our bond has become very strong.
So, to test that I put a WhatsApp status with a challenge to choose emoji.
As expected she chose one and I gave her 2 questions related to it
1)what do you think is my greatest weakness.
2) what is your dream destination.
She answered first question saying that my weakness is that I’m a shy guy.
But for second question she answered β€œshe wants to marry the guy she loved”
I was shocked and asked her what she mean the question is your dream destination and your answer is totally different from the question.
She answered in a very shy full way β€œyou didn’t understand?”
I said no ,will you please elaborate?
She said sorry but she is also very shy like me.
This thing is eating me from inside from that day that what does she mean .

Can anyone help me understanding this?
Please it’s a request

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Sumit @0367


Dear friend first relax. Don’t bother.You are in love with her and now she too.(it seems from her reply).keep going but mark my word always be calm.


Thanks friend

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Sumit @0367


Good luck


she’s giving you hints. don’t panic just relax she has started liking you.


Ok thanks


Hey !
As she said you’re a shy person and she is also. So indirectly she is telling you she has feelings for you, but to be sure and make it good start asking her little questions about her life , her fav. Things , her dreams , etc. After some time she will be very open towads you as the bond grows strong by time. So relax and always be you .




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