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Confused and disoriented about everything in life right now like I was so confident about my career and my life choices when I was a child I knew that I wanted to become a doctor the moment I knew in my life that my parents were doctors to. But now I am confused and disoriented like each and every adult I am 18 now and I cannot even tell you how rough my teenager years were. I went through depression and anxiety and my parents took me to a psychiatrist when I was 15. I was extremely pressure by my school and the exams were very stressful for me. Additionally I was also bullied by my classmates in junior high which led to a lot of anxiousness and depression and then I just stayed at home. And now I am confused and disoriented since I took commerce as my field and I am not even interested in numbers. I was not being able to perform or even stand in the science class so I had to leave. Now I have to handle whatever I have got. What would you do if you were in my place and just as confused and disoriented as I am. How will you get to know what the right path in life is because I am absolutely clueless. Like my parents are luckily supportive of me because they know how stressful teenage years and school can be. But at times even they get pissed off with how lightly I am taking my future to be. Can you all help me get clarity and go through this please.

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Hey . Calm down . Breath in . Breathe out . I can understand what you are going thru . I am a neet aspirant and life sucks sometimes. I went to a psychiatrist and she gaslighted me. I got suicidal last yr . But slowly I am coming put of that phase . You can do MBA and have a great life. It’s not that bad. But first have some confidence. You can


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