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“confused about your relationship”, this line has settled in my mind as some disturbing memory. Just like every cliche romantic bollywood movie, I saw her, she saw me, we liked each other and blah blah, but what these movies never tell is the science, struggle, confusion involved between getting into a relationship and maintaining one. She broke up with me saying, you’re confused about your relationship with me and it still hurts like a thorn pricking my heart. I won’t lie, I was confused cuz a lot was going on in my life then and i didn’t know how to handle everything and at a certain point, in the midst of all kinda confusions I got bit confused about my relationship too. But this doesn’t mean i stopped liking her, i liked her even more than we started dating. So the reason why i was so confused was this diagnosis related to my mind, and the pills had way too many side-effects.
I told her a bit about this diagnosis and she said she’ll support me no matter what but within few days when i was not in good mental state, had doubts over her support(yes, i’m sorry pls), we had a little talk about our relationship, I said i’m sorry and things will be fine, we’ll get better but god knows why i blurred out the confused future of this relationship if she’s this inconsiderate and she said, “if you’re this confused about your relationship with me, then why not end it right here, i’ll be happy to leave you when you say such things” and everything got ended.

Im in a much better place now, hope this line gets out of my head and she forgives me.

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Don’t worry trust your love if your love meant to be together she will forgive you and everything will be fine but if she’s not than just let things go i know it’s sounds not easy because in corona pandemic i was used to be in her place that time i give him space because i was so angry and hurted because he’s situation similar to you and i was not even give up on him but he just give up on me so i tried of this pattern but after some time i realized i should forgot everything so may be give her space now and if you are damm sure about her try to convince her with her love language she will understand


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